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Red Dead Online getting Festive Showdown Modes, gifts and decorations

Published: 19:57, 19 December 2019
Rockstar Games
Christmas tree in Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online's festive period

The holiday spirit has taken hold in five states, Rockstar wrote, which is a great occasion for some Red Dead Online novelties, like limited-time Festive Showdown Modes, Camp and Moonshining Shack decorations, gifts and more.

"On your travels, you may have heard piano players in the saloons playing festive songs as folk across the country merrily indulge in holiday festivities. Be warned, however, that the changing of the seasons often brings harsh weather to the frontier, with snowfall predicted to arrive as soon as tomorrow", they said. 

So, Red Dead Online players are heading for a few Showdown Modes like Spoils of War, Up in Smoke and Overrun. On the PlayStation 4 side of things, we're looking at Gun Rush, Make it Count and Last Stand. All these will be accessible until 6 January 2020 via the Online Menu. 

As for the gifts, Red Dead Online players who log in between 23 and 25 December 2019 are getting a seasonal Gift Chest with a bunch of goodies. These include:

  • The Krampus Double Barrel Shotgun Variant    
  • 30 rounds of Incendiary Buckshot Ammo    
  • 100 Shotgun Slugs    
  • 10 Thyme Big Game   
  • 10 Minty Plump Birds    
  • 20 Carrots   
  • 20 Assorted Biscuits    
  • 50 Candies    
  • 10 Fine Brandies    
  • 10 Special Miracle Tonics    
  • 20 Volatile Fire Bottles   
  •  2x Creek Plums   
  •  2x Agarita

Additionally, there's some bonuses for anyone logging in on or after 13 December, which includes a 1,000XP reward for each Specialist Role available:

  • 3,000 Club XP    
  • RDO$200 for starting a new Role    
  • 1x Free Trader Resupply Reward    
  • 1x Free Weapon Component of your choice Reward    
  • 1x Treasure Map Reward   
  •  1x Free Moonshiner Mash Refill Reward   
  •  30% off one Stable slot Offer

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online, Moonshiners role Red Dead Online, Moonshiners

Up until 6 January 2020, Red Dead Online players are getting some discounts on Butcher's Table, Medium Delivery Wagon, Schofield Revolver's Bounty Hunter variant, and Lancaster Repeater's Collector Variant. 

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