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Red Dead Online gets Collector Bonuses, free American Wildflower map and more

Published: 14:44, 19 May 2020
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online character wielding dual pistols
Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games revealed the latest additions to Red Dead Online and players can look forward to Collector Bonuses, limited-time clothing, free American Wildflower map, PS Plus bonuses and more.

"Roam the frontier in search of artifacts and rarities to be handsomely rewarded for your steadfast determination", the dev wrote, announcing this week's activities in Red Dead Online. 

First off, returning a complete set of American Wildflowers to Madam Nazar will pay players 50 per cent more from now to May 25, 2020. Additionally, logging on and playing any time this week earns you an American Wildflower map for free. 

For those who need company, Red Dead Online developer will be waiving fees for all Permanent Posse creation until June 8, 2020. Speaking of company, Camp Dogs and Horses under rank 40 can be purchased for 40 per cent less this week.

As for item discounts, Pennington Field Shovel, Reinforced Binoculars and Metal Detector are getting a 40 per cent off of the price.

Red Dead Online is also getting a new batch of limited-time clothing in The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, which is available until May 25. You'll be able to pick up the following apparel:

  • The Tasman    
  • The Danube    
  • Manteca Hat    
  • Cossack Hat    
  • Boutell Hat    
  • Irwin Coat 

Rockstar Games Red Dead Online, female Collector Red Dead Online, Collector

Red dead online's PlayStation Plus players are getting some additional goodies, as Rockstar wrote, "This month, PlayStation Plus Members will receive a fisherman's starter pack consisting of 5 Special Lake Lure, 5 Special Swamp Lure, 5 Special River Lure, along with a Treasure Map of the North Clingman area to boot."

You can find the announcement on Rockstar's official website .

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