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Red Dead Online gets Legendary Bucks, photo event and Hardcore Series

Published: 15:06, 19 August 2020
Take-Two Interactive
Red Dead Online, Legendary Bucks
Red Dead Online, Legendary Bucks

This week's Red Dead Online update is a handful, and it features Legendary Mud Runner and Snow Bucks, Wildlife Photographer Free Roam event, the Hardcore Series and more.

Naturalists in the Heartlands of New Hanover and the woods of West Elisabeth should be on the lookout for Legendary Mud Runner Bucks, which are apparently quite combative and sport a piebald coat, and the Legendary Snow Buck, who has been spotted near the Aurora Basin. 

Red Dead Online players have a choice of either photographing, tracking, sedating and sampling them to Harriet, or skin them and bring the pelts back to Gus. More importantly, though, you'll receive 50 per cent more XP, Role XP and RDO$.

"In addition to offering 50% bonus payouts on intact Legendary Buck carcasses and pelts, Gus will be positively thrilled to aid you in crafting either the Mud Runner Coat or the Snow Coat."

Red Dead Online's photo-batallion is getting a new Photographer Free Roam event, where taking snapshots of animals in their natural habitats is the name of the game. The goal is to photograph as many animals as closely as you can, while paying attention to the composition. 

In return, players get "generous RDO$ and XP payouts", with the best photo during each event getting a reward too. 

The aptly named Hardcore Series is all about raw gunslinger skills, as Rockstar wrote, "No Ability Cards. No consumables. Just you, your opponent and your trigger. If you think you’re an expert gunslinger, the Hardcore Series is where you’ll meet your match."

Take-Two Interactive Red Dead Online hunter preying on game Red Dead Online, Frontier Pursuit

This week, Red Dead Online players will find Hardcore variations of Overrun, Spoils of War, Hostile Territory and Most Wanted. 

As for bonuses and rewards, all Free Roam events will pay out RDO$100 and 5,000 Character XP, while using an Advanced Camera gets you RDO$. All tonics in Harriet's Shop are 40 per cent off, while Gus' Store has 30 per cent off all Trinkets and craftable Coats. 

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