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Red Dead Online gets Legendary Bears, free Treasure Map, bonuses

Published: 09:11, 23 September 2020
Take-Two Interactive
Red Dead Online hunter preying on game
Red Dead Online, Frontier Pursuit

It's time for the regular weekly Red Dead Online update, and the latest one is mostly about Legendary Bears, with the usual bonuses and rewards coming from camp Rockstar.

Naturalists should be loving this week, much like a few weeks before, as Rockstar really turned up their naturalism-themed additions to Red Dead Online. 

"If you are the type to wander the riverside in search of wild encounters, take heed. The Legendary Owiza Bear has been spotted wandering alone near the Dakota River. Its lonely existence means it is easily aggravated and prefers to hunt at night, particularly under heavy rainfall", the dev wrote.

Legendary Owiza Bears are not the only addition, as Red Dead Online is also getting Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear. You should be able to tell this one easily, as they sport a red stripe down their back. Ridgeback Spirit Bears can be found near Little Creek River. 

Of course, it won't be a walk in the park as both are formidable and quite aggressive. Should you come through, however, sampling their skin gets you a reward -  a free Hat up to level 15. 

Bringing your Legendary Bear Pelts to Gus Macmillan will net you a nice profit, and it unlocks the Owiza and Ridgeback Spirit Garment Sets for purchase. Crafting either of the Legendary Coats also earns you a free Coat of your choice. 

Red Dead Online - Legendary Animals promo image Red Dead Online - Legendary Animals

Red Dead Online players can pick up the Rabbit Vitalism Studies Pamphlet this week, which lets "harvest Harrietum Officinalis herbs to complete your transformation into a wildly fast critter." Doing so this week gets you 50 per cent off an Established or higher Naturalist Role Item. 

As usual, Red Dead Online is also getting some bonuses, with all Outlaw Pass holders getting a free Treasure map. There are also 40 per cent discounts on all Vests, Shirts and Advanced camera. 

You can find the announcement here .

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