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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum goes live in June

Published: 19:51, 05 June 2018
 Luxurious Tuscan villa from Operation Para Bellum
Rainbow Six Siege : Operation Para Bellum

Ubisoft the publisher of Rainbow Six Siege is going to drop one of the biggest DLCs in the upcoming week. The long awaited Operation Para Bellum is going to hit live server on 7th June the update will roll out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft confirmed the release of the new DLC during the Siege Pro League Finals and they are calling it one of the biggest updates to the game yet. The so-called „Operation Para Bellum“ is going to introduce two new Operators called Alibi and Maestro.

We've got a chance to take a closer look at the new Operators during the week of Pro League tournament. Taking a look into new Operators who are both defenders, Alibi will be able to distract opponents by casting holographic decoys of herself while Maestro, on the other hand, can drop a bulletproof turret that can see through the smoke and fire laser powered rounds.

Besides the new Operators, one of the biggest things arriving with the update is a new map with the name „Villa“ set in the countryside of Italy, with a backstory of the owners of the land being „Vinciguerras“ a dangerous crime family known for their smuggling.

The mentioned DLC will launch alongside a big patch which will impact gameplay, graphical updates, tweaks and more. The Season pass owners will be able to get an exclusive access for seven days to Alibi and Maestro on 7th June while the new map „Villa“ will be available to everyone on the same date. All players will be able to unlock the new Operators via in-game currency after the exclusive period ends.

Ubisoft Para Bellum Operation skin collection New Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum skins

The patch also brings new skins aptly called „Para Bellum“ which in Ubisoft words celebrate the Italian artisanship. The seasonal weapon skins are gonna be: Carnevale, Renaissance, Ancient Marble and SPQR once they are unlocked you will be able to apply them on all available weapons until the end of the Season. With the addition of the new skins, there is also going to be a new „Elite Set“ for Tatcher that is going to be available at the launch of the DLC „Para Bellum“ you can find it in Tatcher's Uniform section.

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