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Rainbow Six Siege's Italian operator breaks the fourth wall

Published: 17:31, 27 April 2018
Rainbow Six operative Maestro is looking at the clouds while smoking a cigarette.
Rainbow Six Siege Maestro

Rainbow Six Siege's Italian operators are still in development, but a few leaks here and there gave us the general idea of what they will do. A new leak has surfaced with voice lines for Maestro and Alibi featuring a 4th wall breaking fest.

We have covered the previous regarding the G.I.S. operators back in March when a video revealed their appearances, names and gadgets. This time around, there is a video flying around with their voiceovers. 

Alibi's lines are fairly generic, but one takeaway is when she's placing a bulletproof camera which puts a question mark on our previous assumption that the gadget would be exclusive to Maestro. However, there is a second video showing Mute deploying the camera and demonstrating potential ways how to destroy it, since it's mostly bulletproof.

The camera cannot change their view coverage, which sets it apart from Valkyrie's highly mobile and versatile Black Eye cameras. It is also huge and easily noticed on the wall, but players will still have to approach it in close quarters in order to destroy it, since it's only vulnerable at extreme angles shown in .

On the topic of voice lines, Maestro is where the real kickers start. One of Maestro's lines is "How does anyone manage to shoot Ash? Her head is so small!" which is a reference to the running gag in Rainbow Six Siege community that Ash has no hitbox. Or at least no head hitbox, since several players caught it on video when they shot her in the head but the hit didn't register.

Maestro's other fourth wall breaks are "If I were my teammates, I would report me for not moving in a while!" , "All of this waiting... someone should report me!" and "I haven't moved in a while, you should report me.". All of these quotes hint that he will be a three armour, one speed anchor operator.

He also makes several references to something called "evil eye" which could be his gadget, potentially an automated turret that was mentioned in this . The rest of voice lines from both Alibi and Maestro can be heard on the video above.

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