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Rainbow Six Siege leaks Australian operators, due for 2019

Published: 13:55, 02 January 2019
Picture of Year One operators in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Year One operators

We are merely days in 2019 and Rainbow Six Siege is already leaking like a shot up barrel. The first two operators that will join Ubisoft's shooter this year are apparently Australian special forces, going by the names Gridlock and Mozzie.

According to the leaks, Gridlock and Mozzie's unique gadgets have been revealed, as well as a single of the two. Gridlock for some reason has a motorcycle helmet instead of a proper one, but his gadget will be more useful than that particular headwear.

Gridlock's gadget will be some sort of a web tracker that will be deployed as a net on the floor. Once a defender walks over it, the device will damage them and reveal their position by making noise. This has led some fans to state that Gridlock simply sounds like an attacker version of Lesion.

As for Mozzie, you may want to hold out Mozzie Man Reviews jokes, as Mozzie is in fact, a woman. She is a defender that will apparently be able to take control of enemy drones. Mozzie can deploy it at the start of a round, and if a drone drives over it, she will be able to assume control and go spy on the attackers. 

The Australian defender seems like great competition for Valkyrie when it comes to intel gathering, as Mozzie will be the first defender that will be able to have a mobile camera if the leaks turn out to be true. It is currently unknown how she will interact with Twitch's drone, and whether she will be able to zap the attackers if she takes control of it.

Another leak, coming from the same source on , states that Kanal will be reworked at some point during 2019. Normally, it could prove to be just empty rambling, but these leaks are in line with the that mentioned hacking drones and deploying Trax. 

Ubisoft Picture of Kaid and Nomad from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid and Nomad

The older leaks come from the same person who leaked Kaid and Nomad correctly, so it's highly likely that both leaks for the Australian operators will prove to be true. Their exact unit is currently unknown, but they will probably hail from .

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