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Rainbow Six Siege will not have a sequel, but you'll get loot boxes

Published: 12:22, 20 February 2018
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Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a "games as a service" treatment. Ubisoft is currently more interested in the longevity of their title than in developing a sequel. Rainbow 6 Siege will get 100 Operators total. In-game loot boxes will be available for a limited time and only offer cosmetics.

Ubisoft have really latched on to of games as a service. Even though their Rainbow Six Siege has had a rocky start, Ubisoft's brand director Alexandre Remy said in an interview that no sequel is planned. Yet.

Instead of a sequel, Rainbow Six Siege will get a games as a service treatment. "We are saying extremely loudly here: there is no sequel planned," Remy bellowed. "We will be here for the next 10 years. So expect more Rainbow 6 in your life for quite some time."

Ubisoft Thermite browsing files of the new additions to Rainbow Six team - Lion and Finka Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft's plan is to release 100 Operators total during the game's lifetime. There are currently 36 Operators in the game, with eight more on the way as part of Ubi's  . "That 100 is a symbol of the longevity we want to have for the game," Remy explained.

The first two (out of eight) new Operators will join the game on 06 March.  are both attackers, and they are both part of a new "CBRN" (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense) unit.

The next update on its way to the tactical shooter - Operation Chimera - will add the co-op event. The event is set to bring loot boxes you buy with real world cash. There was some push-back in regards to the upcoming crates but the folks at Ubisoft said that the boxes will only contain cosmetic items.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Operator facing multiple monitors Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise

Mr Remy said that he understands why people are concerned, but pointed out that Ubisoft doesn't believe it's "cheating anyone" or acting greedily. "I feel like the loot boxes act like the gift shop after the rollercoaster".

Rainbow Six Siege has offered cosmetic items in exchange for real money in the past, but this is the first time it's offering a chance to buy an item you want instead of giving it to you right away.

Loot boxes in Rainbow Six Siege will go live on 06 March 2018, be available for a limited time, and then disappear on 03 April 2018. No word yet on when and if they will come back. Wink wink.

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