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Quantic Dream's rumoured Star Wars game will be more action focused

Published: 11:13, 21 September 2021
Quantic Dream
Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream are reportedly working on a new Star Wars game but it looks like the game won't follow the usual cinematic style that the developers' titles are known for.

A couple of days ago, reliable industry insider Tom Henderson revealed that Quantic Dream, the developer of Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human and other interactive story titles, are working on a brand new Star Wars game, which has been in development for at least 18 months. 

Since then, the rumour was corroborated by a couple of outlets including Kotaku, who also shared their exclusive information about the game. According to their report, Quantic Dream's mysterious Star Wars game will not be similar to their previous games, which focused on interactive stories. 

Instead, this Star Wars game will be more "action-oriented" and "exploration-focused", state Kotaku.

Apparently, Quantic Dream's Star Wars could also be open-world and even have multiplayer elements with more traditional gameplay. 

Quantic Dream artwork showing characters from heavy rain, beyond two souls and detroit become human Quantic Dream are known for interactive drama games

This certainly sounds surprising since Quantic Dream are known for their interactive drama games with strong story focus and to be honest, when we found out about the game, we were excited to see how exactly would Quantic Dream's style of games work with Star Wars.

Sadly, it looks like that won't be happening since the game is set to feature traditional gameplay. However let's not take this for certain just yet, since we don't even have an official confirmation that the game is indeed in the works, let alone any trailers or gameplay.

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