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Quake Champions adding new game modes including Capture the Flag

Published: 14:12, 28 July 2018
A Quake champion in-game screenshot
Quake Champions

Bethesda and id Software have announced temporary removal of bots and their subsequent return in Quake Champions' different modes, but they are now pressing the attack by announcing even more modes for regular PvP, such as Capture the Flag.

Strafe jumping might become even more important in Quake Champions when Capture the Flag hits the live servers. One of the most popular modes ever since Quake and Unreal Tournament existed is coming to Public Test Server "soon" so the community can have a taste and provide feedback on it. The developers have stated Capture the Flag is still a work in progress though.

As it stands right now, the team with most flag captures after 20 minutes will win but a flag cap might be implemented in the meantime, which could shorten one sided matches. Each match will be played in two half times, each of 10 minutes, so the teams can switch positions to avoid unfair map advantage. Also, forget about abusing Ranger's orb or Nyx's invisibility as abilities will be unusable while carrying the flag.

Capture the flag is not all id Software has in store though, as a completely new mode is also in the works. It is called Slipgate and will be a 4v4 match with no respawns. Attacking team will have to annihilate the defenders before their Slipgate opens up completely, while the defending team will have the option of waiting for the gate to open or destroying the opposing team. 

Players will select champions at the start of a match, and will be deployed with all weapons full of ammo, full health and armour at overmax limit. These will decay at regular rates, and once a player dies, they will be able to spectate their teammates until the round ends.

Bethesda Picture of concept art for the upcoming Quake Champions game mode Slipgate Quake Champions - Slipgate

Arcade mode is another one in the works, and it should be a dynamic mode. For example, it will sometimes enable different rules, such as a mode where each kill cycles players' weapons or where everyone gets a different, random champion each time they respawn. You can read more on these modes and Quake Champions' eSports future on the .

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