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Quake Champions closed beta is starting tomorrow for some

Published: 21:28, 05 April 2017
Updated: 09:36, 29 June 2018
Quake Champions

Quake Champions has a proud legacy to draw upon for Id Software's shot at the recent arena based shooter revival under Bethesda. The closed beta test for the latest iteration of the grandaddy of multiplayer shooters is starting tomorrow.

Beta sign-ups for Quake Champions have been open for a while now, and the first select players will be jumping into PVP arenas, armed with railguns and rocket launchers, as early as tomorrow. You can still if you are curious about what Id has cooked up under Bethesda - which might actually be quite good if the recent Doom revival is anything to go by, despite its lacklustre multiplayer.

Id Quake Champions Quake Champions

Don't be discouraged if you don't get into the beta, since the game is envisioned as a free to play title with Ranger as a fixed unlocked character and other playable champions on a random rotation. Players can permanently unlock the rest of the roster in exchange for money. No mention has been made of microtransactions or cosmetics, but they are likely to make an appearance as well.

Overwatch will be a tough act to beat, and the new Quake's announcements show a lot of modernisation in the mechanical department, like passive and active abilities.

Id Quake Champions - Anarki Quake Champions - Anarki

A number of Champions have already been along with their abilities. Ranger will be joined by some familiar faces such as Visor, Sorlag, Slash and Anarki. There is no word yet on Sarge, TankJr, Klesk, Orb or Bones but they and others may be added later down the road. A few new champions are also heading our way, but it will be safer to talk about those once we actually get to play them.

A definite release date has not been set yet and Id creative director Tom Willits said that no console version is planed with the studio focusing on recapturing Quake's PC glory with modern mechanics as their primary goal.

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