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PUBG Update 10.1 - Ranked Season 10 kicks off, new map introduced

Published: 14:26, 16 December 2020
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PUBG - Update 10.1 Patch Notes
PUBG - Update 10.1 Patch Notes

PUBG's Update 10.1 is now on the live servers. The update shakes up the well-known formula by sprinkling some PvE over the new PvP map - Haven. Ranked Season 10 is now underway.

PUBG just got its Update 10.1 on the live servers. The new update is full of interesting additions, the highlight of which is Haven - the new small urban industrial island map.


Haven is a compact, 1×1 urban map and supports up to 32 players at a time in Duos or 1-Man Duos. Here, players will take each other on in the urban streets and rooftops. The new map is a lot of things, but safe isn't one of them.

Haven is home to a heavily armed faction called Pillar. This enemy faction will do just about anything to shuffle you off the mortal coil as soon as you're spotted. 

You’ll have to avoid the Pillar Scout Helicopter attempting to track and spot survivors from the sky. Those unlucky enough to be caught by its spotlight will need to move quickly to avoid the Pillar Tactical Truck as it closes in and attempts to quickly eliminate its target with bullets and fire. 

Finally, players will have to deal with Pillar Guards and Commanders. These soldiers are heavily armoured, but those who manage to take them down can find powerful gear in the caches they guard.

Ranked Season 10

The new update's arrival also marks the beginning of Ranked Season 10. This season will change up the way RP is calculated and bring some exclusive performance rewards. Check out the details in the full patch notes .

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough introduces a bunch of new looks from the PUBG lore. Outfits inspired by Sanhok Four and Pillar's elite mercenary squad are available along with G-Coin and other bonuses.

Update 10.1 includes Preset Costume Slots, a new Medal Mastery system, visual updates to Sanhok, custom Team Deathmatch loadouts, and more.

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