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PUBG's 10.1 update hits TS with new map and PvE component

Published: 16:05, 09 December 2020
PUBG 10.1, Haven map
PUBG 10.1, Haven map

PUBG Corp have rolled out PUBG's 10.1 update to the Test Server (TS), and it comes with a new map, Haven, described as an industrial island in the rust belt of America.

Haven is a dense 1x1 urban jungle, supporting up to 32players in duos or 1-man duos.

"Here, players will take each other on in the dense, urban streets and rooftops but this haven is anything but safe. Players will be faced with a new threat during their matches, an enemy faction working against them", PUBG Corp wrote. 

The enemy faction are called Pillar. They pack some heavy weaponry and even a Pillar Scout Helicopter tracking your sorry behind from the sky. 

Players caught by the chopper's spotlight better clear out as soon as possible, before the Pillar Tactical Truck arrives with the big guns. PUBG players should know it cannot be destroyed, so you better hightail it out of there.

Additionally, PUBG players will be encountering Pillar Guards and Commanders who are armed to the teeth and pretty dangerous. Taking them down is worth it though, as the caches they guard hide powerful gear. 

PUBG Corp PUBG 10.1, Pillar caches PUBG 10.1, Pillar caches are filled with powerful weapons and gear

  • Members of Pillar protect their respective areas and attack players on sight
  • Pillar Guards hold basic equipment while Pillar Commanders hold top-tier equipment
  • Once attacked, they send backup requests to Pillar Scout Helicopters which can then in turn alert the Pillar Tactical
  • Spawns only in Haven.

PUBG Corp PUBG 10.1 update PUBG 10.1 update

PUBG Corp also threw in Emergency Parachutes, one-time items that help prevent fall damage once you start jumping from rooftops and balconies. 

You can learn more about Haven and its districts in the full patch notes .

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