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PUBG Update 9.2 - introducing dirt bikes and driver shooting

Published: 09:29, 11 November 2020
PUBG Corporation
PUBG - Update 9.2 patch notes
PUBG - Update 9.2 patch notes

PUBG's latest update is now on the game's Test Server. The new update brings a new vehicle in the form of the Dirt Bike and a new feature - driver shooting. Battle Bride Pass announced.

PUBG's update 9.2 is now live on the game's Test Server. 

Gameplay changes

  • New Vehicle: Dirt Bike

The new Dirt Bike is a single-seater that will replace 50 per cent of the existing bikes in the game. The new vehicle comes with its own independent clutch system to rev the engine, improved suspension for offroading, and some other fun features.

The new Dirt Bike will spawn on all maps except for Karakin. It is available in Normal, Custom Matches and Training Mode.


  • Great acceleration with a top speed of 130 km/h.
  • Off-road suspension provides excellent performance on uneven terrain compared to other vehicles.
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability with the ability to disengage the clutch when handbraking to block auto-gearbox and allow hard turns while preserving engine RPM and momentum.
  • Added ability to alter pitch using Shift and Ctrl keys during acceleration/braking.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Driver Shooting PUBG - Driver Shooting

  • New Feature: Driver Shooting

The new system will allow the players to fire sidearm weapons while driving and maintaining control over the vehicle. Expect a slightly reduced response while in the reloading animation.

The new feature will work for most vehicles with a couple of limitations - the driver shooting feature is enabled in all vehicles except boats and BRDM.

  • Vehicle Aiming Overhaul

Driver and passenger views are now heavily stabilized while aiming, and the camera rotation will not follow the rotation of the vehicle.

Driver and passenger TPP cameras have been slightly adjusted and moved closer to the character. Aiming angles are restricted according to player visibility and relation to other passengers

For example, you’re unable to aim fully upwards in a closed-top vehicle or aim behind if there’s a passenger on behind you in a 2 seater motorbike

The camera will no longer flip sideways when vehicles roll or pitch upside-down.

Driver shooting enabled sidearms:

  • Deagle
  • P18C
  • P1911
  • P92
  • R1895
  • R45
  • Skorpion
  • Flare gun
  • Sawed-off
    • Sawed-off can only be equipped by drivers on Bike-type vehicles.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Battle Bride Pass PUBG - Battle Bride Pass

Battle Bride Pass

The Battle Bride Pass is an entirely new kind of pass focusing on a single character vs a seasonal theme. 

The new pass follows Sadiya, the hero from Karakin’s lore, and lets the players unlock some of her iconic skins as seen in the motion comics. 

The Battle Bride pass progresses independently from the Survivor Pass and has 15 levels to complete by earning XP from playing matches.  

  • Exclusive page
    • Battle Bride Pass only has a premium track which available after purchase.
  • Progression
    • There are no missions for the Battle bride pass.
    • However, you will be able to climb through the pass via XP gained from gameplay.
      • Max lv to collect all rewards is lv 15.
    • Level-up coupons cannot be used in the pass.
      • However, you will still be able to purchase levels with G-Coin.
  • The Battle Bride Pass will be available from Nov 18th (KST) to Dec 16th (KST) both with the end of live server maintenance.
    • The Battle Bride Pass period runs for 28 days from your date of purchase.

More information about PUBG's Update 9.2.

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