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PUBG's new anti cheat measures will dole out more hardware bans

Published: 16:02, 05 June 2020
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PUBG's safeguards against cheaters that included SMS verification haven't panned out exactly as the devs hoped. Now they are amping up their anti-cheat measures.

PUBG's 7.2 Update brought the long-awaited Ranked Mode to the game. The devs have anticipated some cheaters to rear their heads in the mode and added safeguards such as SMS verification in hopes that it would deter the less-than-honest players.

The additional safeguards didn't do as good of a job as the devs expected them to, so now they will be adding more countermeasures.

Preliminary Measures 

When players use cheats in a match, some immediate countermeasures will be employed to minimize the impact on legitimate players.

In addition to this, a system that will immediately ban the kicked user will be utilized. A feature already live in the game since June 3 will kick the person using a cheat in real-time if said cheat is easy for game logic to recognise.

PUBG Corp. pubg artwork showing PUBG Update 7.2 logo PUBG Update 7.2

Post Measures 

The devs have already analyzed the patterns of players who unfairly raise their rank and have added logic to quickly detect and automatically ban the perpetrators.

More people will be dedicated to Leaderboard monitoring. They will ban the players who climb the leaderboard through unfair methods.

The top-ranked players will constantly be monitored and the cheaters shouldn't hang around the top of the Leaderboard for long. Even the players' results will be closely watched and compared to previous scores if there's any doubt.

Any player who receives a ban cannot be listed on the Leaderboard - this measure is already in the game. 

Cheaters who use tricks that falsify gun-based logs will be banned as well.

More hardware bans are coming soon as the devs improve the hardware ban system that is already in the game. Finally, a mobile authenticator will go live later this year.

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