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PUBG Mobile jumps head first into e-sports with an invitational

Published: 09:46, 16 August 2018
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PUBG Mobile - Can we also get controls for the old school ''button'' phones?

Bluehole will host the first e-sport events for PUBG Mobile, an invitational named Player Well Known as well as a championship series. The invitational is starting sooner than one might expect, running on 17 and 18 August 2018 at 20:00 PDT.

Player Well Known is somewhat aptly named as it will feature the top North American gaming influencers who will invite friends and fans to compete in the tournament with them. This means streamers and YouTubers mostly, but heavy hitters like Shroud and DrDisRespect don't seem to be on the list.

The most well known influencers on the list seem to be Choco Taco and wtfmoses, but there are some rather odd additions as well, such as STPeach who is not exactly a PUBG player, mobile or otherwise. She mostly streams in the IRL section, and I probably wouldn't have even known who she is if she wasn't a part of controversy involving PewDiePiew and Alinity, albeit unintentionally.

Anyway, players can vote for their favourite influencer and win 1000 BP, and if that influencer's team wins, the voter can also win two superior crates. Only one vote per account can be cast. If you're interested in voting, as well as the list of influencers who will compete, you can do both on the official website.

A Player Well Known livestream will kick off on 17 August 2018, at 20:00 PDT for North America or 07:00 AM CEST for Europe.

Meanwhile, Bluehole have also announced a Player Well Known Championship, which will have participating teams from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Japan, Korea and more regions. It will consist of qualifiers, preliminaries, region finals and world finals.

In order to participate, a player needs to have more than 1.000 fans or followers across popular streaming platforms, which proves this is not about the clash of best of the best, but rather another publicity stunt. 

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There will also be a team of "officials" who will select teams from different regions based on points earned in order to participate in the World Finals and compete for the PWK Championship.   

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