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PUBG Mobile bans over 2 million cheaters

Published: 16:05, 21 December 2020
PUBG Mobile ban pan
PUBG Mobile ban pan

Tencent and PUBG Corp are not messing around as they issued a couple of million bans in a short time as they work on keeping PUBG Mobile easier to enjoy.

Multiplayer video games normally use the ban hammer to deal with cheaters but PUBG Mobile's ban pan appears to be extremely successful too. The game's official Twitter account announced that a total of 2,127,454 players have been banned in the span of just one week - from December 11 to 17.

All of the bans are permanent and the reason for all of them is the same, cheating. However, the cheating encompassed several techniques with Wall Hack, Auto Aim and character model modification being the reasons for the majority of these bans.

According to the stats provided in the post, this trio was responsible for 64 per cent of the bans in total, while speed hacks and AoE damage modifiers were responsible for 23 per cent of the bans with other ways of cheating making up the remaining 13 per cent.

Ironically, accounts in Bronze make up the highest portion of bans with 22 per cent while the highest ranks, Ace and Conqueror have the lowest percentage of total bans, at eight and two per cent, respectively. 

Then again, the highest ranks have the smallest portion of the PUBG Mobile population so it's possible that the cheaters were infesting most of the top parts of the ladder.

Conqueror is reserved for a small number of players per region and if the percentage given on the tweet above is correct, that would mean 42,549 of the banned accounts were in this rank.

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