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PUBG Mobile to be remade specifically for Indian market

Published: 13:18, 12 November 2020
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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has had a torrid time in India after being banned for security concerns and its links to Chinese publisher Tencent, but PUBG Corp isn't quitting just yet.

Of course, PUBG Mobile was not the only app that suffered such fate, as TikTok, WeChat and a number of others were axed too, all of which were accused of stealing and transmitting user data to servers outside of India. 

Ironically, PUBG Mobile suffered a similar fate in China and it wasn't until PUBG Corp came out with a specialised, altered version called Game for Peace that it was allowed to exist by the government. And this is what the company is planning to do once more. 

PUBG Corp will be creating an Indian subsidiary that would oversee the development process. The new PUBG Mobile would "maximize data security and cater to local preferences", which would hopefully remove or ameliorate the earlier concerns.

Furthermore, the company would invest $100 million in the country's gaming, esports, entertainment and IT industries, a move that would further show their intentions of goodwill towards India. 

PUBG Mobile has done amazingly well across the globe, and its results in India were equally as impressive. In fact, back when it was banned, it was the country's most-downloaded mobile app, with more than 50 million users to its name. Which says enough about why PUBG Corp are willing to bend to re-launch on the market. 

PUBG Corp Screenshot from PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile

Game for Peace, PUBG Mobile's Chinese edition has done equally well since its launch, and PUBG Corp will be looking to do it again. We're not sure whether launching in India will require removing blood and deaths, but we should know soon enough.

PUBG Mobile, a mobile take on PUBG by PUBG Corp and Tencent

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