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Elite Dangerous Update 15 continues the Thargoid war

Published: 02:52, 10 May 2023
Frontier Developments
Elite: Dangerous - Glaive, the new ship in the Thargoid fleet
Elite: Dangerous - Glaive, the new ship in the Thargoid fleet

Thargoids just won't leave humanity be and it is once again up to you to send the space plants packing.

Frontier Developments released Update 15 for Elite Dangerous Odyssey , allowing the players to continue the Thargoid war by solving the mystery of the eight new Maelstroms by entering the massive gas clouds that arrived in Update 14.

The devs noted that the players will face additional Thargoid aggression here so make sure you prepare accordingly.

Commander ships will now be equipped with Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser module which will prevent Maelstrom's shutdown pulse from affecting the ship, meaning you can push further inward than ever before.

As players discover the more aggressive Thargoid enemies, they will also encounter the Glaive, the first Hunter-class vessel the plants have at their disposal.

It is aggressive and agile but those are not the only traits that make it deadly. Glaive will also sport different AI and will actively try to prevent your fallback attempts.

Besides the ship combat, Odyssey players will also get a new on-foot mission. Starports affected by the Thargoid War will give players objectives to visit abandoned settlements to restore power in order to help deal with the conflict.

This is where another new enemy unit, the Revenant, will make an appearance and once again - now tactics will need to be employed to overcome the obstacle.

You don't need to own Odyssey to access the narrative experience of Update 15 but if you want to experience the on-foot quests, you will have to get the expansion.


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