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Pro Evo Soccer 2019 leaks early on PlayStation Store

Published: 13:28, 28 April 2018
Updated: 13:43, 28 April 2018
Screenshot of David Beckham from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
PES 2019

It appears that Sony's Hong Kong branch of its PlayStation Store has accidentally revealed some tidbits about the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. In spite of UEFA's and Konami's parting of ways, it seems PES won't be lacking in leagues.

The listing has since been pulled but as it often happens, not before the quickest of the bunch caught screenshots. So, the leak suggests that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 launches on 30 August 2018.

According to the listing, PES 2019 will have authentic leagues, although we're yet to see how they intend to go about the Champion's League. UEFA and Konami have recently , wishing one another well and all but players were left wondering this same question.

The listing claims Konami have redesigned MyClub, with every part of it reportedly overhauled. PES 2019 says to be introducing 11 new skill traits with improved visuals and representation of fatigue and such.

The PES 2019 listing also say the game will "flow in 4K" with High Dynamic Range or HDR, as it's more commonly known. The game should also bring three changes to its ML Real Season mode, with newly added pre-season, transfer system and licenses.

That's not to say that Konami's PES needs the licenses, seeing as how it was the quality of its footballing component that kept the game afloat all this time. In fact, any long time fan can surely remember all your Merseyside Reds and Blues and whatnots.

In comparison, EA's attempts at recreating a sensible football game haven't really blossomed at the same rate as Konami's, even though quite a few of latest FIFA's have proven to be serious, if not equal competitors to the PES franchise

Provided that is correct, we will be seeing the game come 30 August 2018, even though we should hear and see much more until then. Thankfully, PES is not the series that has spoilers so all that's left is to wait to have a go at our favourite friend losing experience.

P.S. Also - yeah, we call it football cuz it is called football, deal with it.

Konami Leaked screenshot of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PES 2019

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