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PS4 player numbers all but prove FIFA's domination over PES

Published: 15:56, 18 December 2018
Updated: 16:47, 18 December 2018

After the introduction of My PS4 Life users have come up with a methodology for revealing player numbers for every game on the platform. The numbers show that EA's FIFA series is dominating while PES is almost nowhere to be found.

Last week, PlayStation announced their new service dubbed My PS4 Life which allows players to see how much time they spent playing games since the PlayStation 4's release. Players only need to visit the My PS4 Life website and enter their ID to receive their own personalised video reel showing their rarest trophies and game time.

It's a nice and insightful addition, but one Redditor used it to create a methodology that shows the player count for every game available in My PS4 Life videos. All calculations are stored on website and they show some pretty interesting results in the battle of the football games.

EA's FIFA 18 is currently on top of the player count list with 32,500,000 users, beating the latest instalment in the series - FIFA 19. FIFA's closest rival of Konami stock is, believe it or not, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 with 2,680,000 players. 

That's almost a 30 million player difference between the two most popular football simulation franchises on PlayStation 4 at the moment. These are worldwide stats and every country supported on the service is accounted for.

EA Neymar doing a rabona kick in FIFA 19 FIFA 19

What's even more interesting is that Konami's latest PES 2019 is nowhere to be found on the list of 116 most popular games. According to the stats, the game at the very bottom of the list is No Time To Explain with 11,200 players which somewhat oddly suggests that PES 2019's player count is even lower than that.

It's hard to imagine such a scenario but it is possible, given that the game only released back in August 2018 and has suffered 42 per cent lower physical sales when compared to PES 2018.

It becomes even less of a surprise when we take a look at the FIFA 19 player count which is currently at 12,500,000. To put things into perspective and compare the two most popular iterations with the latest ones, FIFA 19 player numbers are 61 per cent short of FIFA 18's.

This may again be due to the relatively recent September 2019 launch but it's also important to mention that FIFA 19's physical sales are 25 per cent down when compared to FIFA 18. 

When we take release dates, the relative (un)popularity of the PES franchise, and a sizeable dip in retail sales into consideration, PES 2019's player count doesn't come as much of a shock, but it's still hard to swallow the fact that Konami's football simulation is so far behind its competition.

Konami Coutinho celebrating a goal in PES 2019. PES 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 can also be found on the list. The total number of players in Europe, Asia and Australia is 1,380,000. Keep in mind that these numbers for PES 15 are not worldwide and only refer to the mentioned regions.

On the other side, EA can be pretty happy with FIFA 17 which has approximately 30,000,000 players and FIFA 16 following closely behind with a 28,300,000 player count. 

Try as we may, our comparison here is still enjoyed best with a pinch of salt, as these figures remain unconfirmed by more official sources.

You can check out the full list of the most played PlayStation 4 games on where you can also find the methodology used to calculate the individual player counts.

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