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Swiss Super League football match stopped due to esports protest

Published: 10:36, 24 September 2018
Young Boys FC
Picture of Young Boys supporters protesting against esports
Young Boys fans with a banner against esports

Fans have interrupted Swiss Super League match between Young Boys and Basel FC at around 15 minute mark in order to protest against an apparent push to make esports teams mandatory for any Super League Participants by March next year.

What many Super League fans expected to be a derby ended up being 7-1 wreckfest in favour of Young Boys who are currently dominating the table. The score itself wasn't the only interesting thing on the pitch though, as the supporters of both teams chose to protest against esports about 15 minutes into the game.

Young Boys supporters unfolded a pause button banner which can be seen on the picture below, while Basel FC fans responded with a banner of their own, seen on the header image. It reads "Scheiss E-sports" which translates to "Shit(ty) E-sports".

When confronted with such images, an average gamer's first question would be "why the hate" or "what do esports have to do with football" as the two are seemingly not connected. As it appears, the Swiss Super League is pushing for mandatory esports teams for any Super League teams, which should happen by March 2019.

It's currently not known which game is meant to be played as the official Super League esport, but considering the organisation will force all of its clubs to have teams, it is likely FIFA 19 or PES 2019. The latter seems like the prime candidate as Super League was one of the licenses Konami acquired right after UEFA dropped the exclusive Champions League license from the deal with them.

Either way, the clubs' fans were not keen on having any of it as various objects have been thrown around the pitch, including a PlayStation 4 controller with what seems to be "fuck esports" written on it.

Young Boys FC Picture of Young Boys fans showing a banner to protest against esports Young Boys supporters' pause button banner

Some fans have expressed their that not all Super League teams are in financial situation to run an esports team, but then again, it would likely cost less than paying a single actual football player. Others have pointed out that esports football matches are  than the actual football ones. At least it is in the land down under.

Super League Picture of a PS4 controller on a football pitch, thrown in protest against esports PlayStation 4 controller on a football pitch

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