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PES will support custom option file on PlayStation 5

Published: 11:46, 29 October 2020
Eden Hazard shooting the ball in eFootball PES 2021 Season Update
eFootball PES 2021 Season Update

Konami have officially confirmed that eFootball PES will be compatible with custom option files on Sony's upcoming next-generation console, PlayStation 5.

Pro Evolution Soccer is not quite up there with FIFA when it comes to licences for the world's biggest football leagues but luckily, players can import official kits thanks to the option file feature that is allowed on Sony's platform PlayStation 4.

With option files, you can basically update every unlicensed team and league with official kits, team and league badges and play the game how it should be played - with real names and teams.

Lately, many PES fans have been wondering if the option file support would be coming to the next-generation console from Sony - PlayStation 5. When asked about this over on Twitter, Konami officially replied via eFootball PES profile.

"Yes, option files will be compatible on PS5," they tweeted. "Pictures won't be included in the save data, so you will need to import them separately."

Konami Real Madrid and Barcelona in PES 2020 PES 2020 - El Clasico

So as you can see, the option file support will continue with PlayStation 5 which is certainly fantastic news for all PES fans who have used the feature before. The details are yet to be revealed so we do not know the scope of the feature on PS5 just yet. 

Some fans are hoping that the PlayStation 5 will allow them to import balls, boots, gloves, fonts and scoreboards in addition to kits, badges and team names. This would certainly be a welcome addition but don't get your hopes up just yet - at least until we get any sort of official confirmation.

At the time of writing, Konami are yet to reveal if the option file support will also be coming to Microsoft's next-gen console Xbox Series X. We know that Xbox One did not support the feature so it seems likely this will remain the case on Series X.

eFootball PES 2020, iconic football simulation by Konami

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eFootball PES 2020

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