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Pricing changes cause developers to move away from Unity

Published: 23:26, 13 September 2023
Unity engine is speedrunning the "Lose customers" category, any%
Unity engine is speedrunning the "Lose customers" category, any%

Unity recently chose a horrendous pricing model that would pretty much ruin any indie developer that used the engine and now it is facing backlash.

Horrible pricing models are often result of greed or certain illegal stock manipulations and there are currently theories floating around the Unity engine, claiming it is leaning one or both of those two ways.

Namely, the company recently announced they would change Unity's pricing model soon which would allow them to pluck money from the developers' pockets whenever someone would install a copy of their game.

This meant demos as well.

As disastrous as taking money from the developers for providing a demo is, Unity Technologies went one step further by attempting to take a cut whenever a player would install the game again.

Therefore, the developers would stand to lose money over time, no matter what. After all, there are countless games that we remove and later reinstall, be it for the need of space or some other reason.

Innersloth Among Us - Roles and Comicubes update The pricing changes would cause massive issues for big games like Among Us and possibly ruin smaller ones entirely

This caused some meme responses from developers, while others, such as the developers of the popular social game Among Us , decided to go for more drastic measures and completely switch engine , should the pricing model go through.

To top the fiasco off, some of the owners sold their Unity stock just days prior to the announcement which didn't go unnoticed .

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