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Politics in Victoria 3 will be handled via Interest groups

Published: 01:41, 02 July 2021
Paradox Interactive
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Where previous dev diaries have been focusing on the economy, the developers now switch gears to another core pillar of the Victoria series - internal politics.

Interest Groups are fundamentally made up of Pops - all individuals in all Pops are either members of an Interest Group or Politically Inactive, with the ratio in each based on factors such as Profession, Wealth, Literacy, and other such categories. Individual Pops contribute strength to their respective Interest Groups, depending on their personal wealth, education, and other socio-economic strengths.

For example, a single wealthy Aristocrat in an Oligarchy will provide hundreds or even thousands times the political strength of a poor laborer, while others will have nothing to contribute at all, such as those Popps belonging to religious groups discriminated against, or women, being in a country without suffrage laws in place.

The total Political Strength of all Pops in an Interest Group is what gives it its level of Clout, which is the group's political weight, which it throws around when influencing decision-making. Interest groups all have their own worldviews, which usually differ from one another, but are not entirely set in stone, and are susceptible to change.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 core "pop" mechanic Victoria 3 core "pop" mechanic

Interest Groups also have a level of Approval, which is based on factors such as how much they approve of the country’s laws, whether they are in government or in opposition, and how many of their individual members are Loyalists or Radicals. Together, the classification and Approval of an Interest Group determines which Traits are active for an Interest Group at any given time, and how impactful they are. 

Finally, on the topic of political parties, fans have expressed curiosity about whether they will appear in Victoria 3. The information available in this dev diary shows that the developers are working on implementing a way of including political parties as offshoots of Interest Groups.

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