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Pokemon GO - the future of Seasons looks engaging

Published: 18:19, 24 December 2021
Pokemon GO Dev Diaries
Pokemon GO Dev Diaries

Pokemon GO's final dev diary for 2021 focused on the game's Seasons, what it takes to make them and how will they evolve in 2022.

December's Dev Diary in Pokemon GO touched base with some of the game's staff and took a closer look at what it takes to form a Season in the game. Some reflected on the Season of Mischief, others let us into how exactly one goes about crafting an engaging logo for a new Season and Michael Steranka - Live Game Director of Pokemon GO offered up a sneak peek into how they want the Seasons to look like in 2022.

Michael Steranka had a chance to talk about the future of Seasons and sherd that the team would like to make the Seasons of 2022 a focal point of the Pokemon GO experience and really give the Trainers the feeling that something is changing within the game with each passing period.

Steranka also spoke about how each new Season brings oodles of opportunities for re-evaluation of Pokemon GO's state, but we're most excited about the fact that we may see some changes regarding the special bonuses we've been seeing more and more of as of late.

Niantic Pokemon GO - Season of Mischief Pokemon GO - Season of Mischief

"Our team is extremely excited to continue refining the concept of Seasons in Pokemon GO as we move into 2022! Over the next year, we want our Seasonal themes and storylines to act as the focal point for our in-game events, social content, and more. Our goal will be to make you truly feel like Seasons bring about unique, meaningful shifts in Pokemon GO." offered Michael Steranka.

He added: "Each new Season is also an opportunity for us to evaluate the current state of the game and what changes and tweaks we want to make in order make it even better. In addition to focusing more on Seasons in the coming year, we also want to continue striving toward achieving our company mission and vision by encouraging Trainers to get out and Explore, Exercise and have Real World Social Interactions with other Trainers. As part of that goal, we’ll be reevaluating some of the bonuses we’ve maintained over the last couple of Seasons—namely Incense effectiveness while stationary and increased Remote Raid damage. You may have noticed special bonuses during recent Community Day events that incentivized socializing or in-person raids. In a similar vein, we want to encourage Trainers around the world to get out and explore by trying out different Seasonal bonuses."

Read the Pokemon GO December Dev Diary in full.  

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