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Pokemon Go Safari Zone location set for Seville, Spain

Published: 14:43, 19 February 2022
Pokemon Go Safari Zone
Pokemon Go Safari Zone

Niantic announced that Pokemon Go is going to visit Spain this year, as a part of the Safari Zone event, revealing a few details in the process.

Pokemon Go Safari Zone in 2022 will take place in Seville, Spain, from May 13 to 15. The actual venue will be Parque del Alamillo, which features two lakes so be ready to enjoy some water-based Pokemon during the event.

That said, there will be much more the event will offer, just like every year. Besides a plethora of Pokemon in the wild, there will be an exclusive Special Research that will be available only for the trainers who participate in the event. Furthermore, the event goers will be able to explore Seville and possibly meet friends as they hunter for new Pokemon together.

There is currently no information about the ticket availability and pricing but Niantic did say this info is coming soon so keep an eye out on POGO channels if you don't want to miss it.

Additionally, Niantic urged trainers to be aware of their surroundings and follow the local guidelines from the health authorities as Coronavirus is still being an ass. 

The company also noted that upcoming events are subject to change, meaning the Safari Zone could potentially get delayed or cancelled, depending on the situation of the pandemic and whether we see any infection spikes in the near future.

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