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Pokemon GO - Delibird and Pikachu throw explosive presents after the latest update

Published: 16:25, 28 December 2017
Delibird throws a present at Dragonite in Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Niantic added a new attack animation to the game. Delibird and any costumed Pikachu can now learn the Present move, and every Santa Hat Pikachu in the wild knows the move "naturally". The new attack animation might not be the last bit of Holiday cheer that'll roll out before the Holiday event ends.

Christmas may be over but Niantic is set on keeping the presents coming. The latest patch that hit Pokemon GO brought a new attack animation that shows Delibird tossing wrapped gifts at its opponents. The animation is played when Delibird uses its Present move.

Delibird is not the only pocket monster that throws around explosive gifts. Any costumed Pikachu (Santa Hat, Party Hat, Ash Hat, or Witch Hat) can learn the Present move when a Fast TM is used on it. Every Santa Hat Pikachu currently found in the wild also knows "Present" naturally.

Niantic Holiday Pikachu in Pokemon GO Pokémon GO

The addition of the flying goodies comes one full week after the Holiday event kicked off. If this was an afterthought (as it looks to be) it's cute and fine, but someone should have paid more attention to how the name of the new attack will be translated into other languages. See, several foreign language versions of the game mistranslated the attack, using the word for the period of time instead of the word for gift.

According to the powers that be, the new attack animation is not the last bit of Holiday cheer that'll roll out before the Holiday event comes to a close. Just make sutra you translate it correctly. 

launched last week, bringing more than 20 new Pokemon as well as the Christmas-themed "Santa Hat Pikachu" to the game. One of the new Pokemon was Delibird, a Pokemon associated with the holidays due to its ability to throw out explosive presents out of its sack-like tail. 

Niantic Pokemon GO - Delibird screenshot Pokemon GO - Delibird

Delibird's "Present" attack was introduced to Pokemon GO as a fast attack, complete with a special sound effect.

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