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Pokemon GO March Community Day features Treecko and new times

Published: 14:18, 23 February 2019
Picture of Treecko from Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO - Treecko

Niantic have announced that the next Pokemon GO Community Day will take place on 23 March 2019. It will feature Treecko and will run from 15:00 to 18:00 regardless of which time zone players may be in, rendering time conversions obsolete.

Pokemon GO March Community Day will be the first one that will not take place at the same time in all parts of the world. Niantic made a major change as the event will not start at 15:00 for everyone. In example, Japanese players will technically start and finish their Community Day eight hours before those in Central European Time. 

Still having the event start at 15:00 each month will make it easier for players to plan accordingly, instead of having to play at hours that don't fit them. Basing the event on each player's local time is definitely looking like an improvement for the future events.

Treecko will be the featured Pokemon this time around. Players who catch it or evolve the creature during the three-hour window of Community Day will gain the yet unannounced special move. Just a quick remind - if you have a Grovyle, you will have up to one hour after the event's scheduled time to evolve it in order to still get the special move.

Three-hour lures will once again be active, as well as the lower hatch distance, which will be just a quarter of the regular distance. Naturally, Treecko spawns will be increased for the duration of the event, making it easier for players to catch one or perhaps find a shiny Treecko.

Speaking of which, identifying one shouldn't be much of an issue as shiny Treecko will not be green, but rather cyan-ish and will have an easily noticed feature - a red tail. 

Niantic picture showing pokemons Pokemon Go

You can check the pictures of both Treecko lines on the , in case you need pointers in identifying a regular Treecko from a shiny one. Another reminder is that Community Day will be on a Saturday, so those who might still be working should try to plan accordingly.

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