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Pokemon GO Community Day features Eevee this time around

Published: 15:50, 07 August 2018
Poster for Pokemon GO Community Day on 11 and 12 August 2018
Pokemon GO, Community Day 11-12 August 2018

Niantic have unveiled the time and details on the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Day and it will be going down on 11 and 12 August 2018 from 11am to 2pm CET, with Eevee starring as the featured Pokemon and a new exclusive move Last Resort.

As usual, the times vary slightly from region to region so for BST zone, we're talking about 10am to 1pm; for PST from 11am to 2pm; for EST from 2pm to 5pm whereas JST timing is from 12pm to 3pm.

As you probably already know, Community Day events are Niantic's ways to prevent you from being an antisocial sod and get you some special goodies while you're at it. With three hours to finish what you came to do though, you may want to make it snappy and leave friend making for afterwards.

Incentives? But of course - Niantic  is offering three times the catch stardust over the duration of the event. The second bonus are 3-hour lures, conveniently timed to the duration of the Community Day event.

As far as Eevee goes, even though it may not be the most powerful of catches, it's most certainly one of the more useful, considering the sheer amount of possible evolutions. There will be a shiny version as well, as is common with every Community Day Pokemon, although this doesn't come from Niantic but from, ahem, experience. Either way, make sure you're on alert for any shininess.

We're hoping Niantic will use this Pokemon GO Community Day to debut the evolution Pokemon, although the likelihood of that is very low. In case you didn't catch it, badum-tss, there was mention of Magmortar, Electrivire and Rhyperior being the first wave of Gen 4, but we'll probably have to wait for that a bit more. A PokemAn can dream though, can he not?

Niantic Pikachu wearing a new outfit that includes a straw hat and glasses Pokemon Go's Summer Style Pikachu

Just in case you're wondering where did all the Poke-hype go, you should know that Pokemon GO in two years it has been around, so we guess it's not a particularly worrisome time for Niantic.

Pokemon GO - Just like old times

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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

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