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Payload Studios update TerraTech with co-op campaign mode

Published: 11:10, 06 August 2019
A player-made tech from the game TerraTech

Even though the construction sandbox gem TerraTech was destined for co-op multiplayer right from the get-go, Payload Studios found that implementation thereof required a heavy rework of the code, but where there's will, there's way.

To be fair though, TerraTech was a real bundle of fun in singleplayer and PvP Deathmatch, but as we wrote in , "any co-op will unlock more unexplored facets of the TerraTech experience."

And unlock it did, as TerraTech now boasts up to 4 player co-op multiplayer, the capability to modify teammates' techs, shared missions and logs, shared block inventory, co-op exclusive Bespoke Trading Station for selling blocks and resources.

Payload designed a new Tech Manager too, which is available in all the Campaign, Creative and R&D modes, allowing for greater control, saving, loading and general categorization of your contraptions.

As far as blocks go, TerraTech's co-op update brought a single GeoCorp XL Continuous Track and as many as 15 specialised Hawkeye blocks.

We're talking about the light but durable military blocks that not only look good in black - they're in the sweet spot between speed and toughness.

That said, Payload were heading for quite a few burning hoops, and seeing as how rewriting the underlying code was out of the question, they focused on the basics, i.e. ensured the PvP Deathmatch works and is as fun as possible.

Once that clicked, it was time to take care of dynamic loading and unloading of TerraTech's terrain tiles, which was essential to showcase the game's gorgeous landscapes and promote exploration.

"When playing Co-op for the first time you'll notice that some blocks aren't available, mainly crafting blocks such as fabricators and refineries. This is because the scope of work required to get them working in Co-op would have a larger impact on other new features so we had to draw the line", they wrote. 

AltChar Logo for AltChar website recreated in TerraTech TerraTech, They float.

In the meantime, Payload got a few ideas on a potential overhaul of TerraTech's crafting systems in both co-op modes, but reminded that it's still early days.

Check out Payload Studio's post titled Co-op in TerraTech - .

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