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Paradox Interactive and Microsoft working on a new mod platform

Published: 20:38, 20 February 2019
Screenshot from Surviving Mars showing a biome
Biomes of Mars will know exactly what to expect from asteroids now

Paradox Interactive have teamed up with Microsoft in what is set to be the first open modding platform that will enable distribution of mods on more than one gaming platform. Paradox Mods will apparently be available for PC and Xbox One.

Paradox Interactive have announced that they will be supporting mods for their games in a collaboration with Microsoft so the mods can be brought to Xbox One as well. Therefore, Paradox Mods will be the first platform that will support mods both on PC and any of the consoles.

Technically, Bethesda did this with Creation Club already but that turned into a major failure due to the obvious monetisation attempts, while Paradox Mods doesn't have any official monetisation plans so far. It will be available through Paradox Launcher but also through GoG.

Currently, only Surviving Mars mods are available through Paradox Mods but the publisher announced support for other Paradox title that is due later in 2019. Fingers crossed for BattleTech mods that would allow us to put in any mech we would like.

Back to the present, Paradox Mods will launch with over 30 mods for Surviving Mars, all of which have been tested for consoles apparently. Players will need to log in to their Paradox Account through Surviving Mars' title screen and open the mod manager that will allow them to browse and install mods, which will then immediately download.

Paradox Mods will also streamline the process for modders, who will simply need to submit their mods once and they will be available on every platform with no extra steps. Both in-game and web interfaces will be available for easier distribution.

To top the modding cake with a cherry, players will find that the newest update added mouse and keyboard support for Surviving Mars on Xbox One. 

Screenshot taken from Surviving Mars Screenshot taken from Surviving Mars Surviving Mars

This marks another step in Microsoft's endeavours to catch up with Sony when it comes to console market share as they are now actively supporting mods on their platform, on top of advocating crossplay ever since it became a hot topic in 2018. One would think this is becoming a sales pitch for the next generation of Xbox.

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