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Overwatch's Summer Games event is underway with new challenges

Published: 07:44, 05 August 2020
Overwatch - Pharah
Overwatch - Pharah

Summer Games 2020 in Overwatch brought new skins, some of which are won through challenges along with one new emote, two highlight intros and a new take on Lucioball.

Lucioball is returning for another showing in Overwatch's Summer Games but this year it's accompanied by Lucioball Remix, a new take on the existing game mode. Instead of having just one ball going back and forth in an attempt to score, there are now two. To add a dash of madness to the chaos, a bonus ball will appear on occasion throughout the match and scoring with it will award extra points.

A total of five new legendary skins will be available for purchase:

  • Feskarn Brigitte
  • Karate Doomfist
  • Lifeguard Pharah
  • Surf's Up Echo
  • Tropical Baptiste

Three Epic skins will make an appearance but these are earned through challenges instead:

  • Union Jack Tracer
  • Sand Castle Bastion
  • Ice Cream Orisa

The challenges don't stray from the previous formula - each week of the event we will be working towards the nine wins, with a milestone at each three wins. First milestone nets a player icon, the second one a spray and the third one that week's skin. Week one will feature Tracer, followed by Bastion and then Orisa for dessert.

Overwatch - Summer Games

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Overwatch - Summer Games
Overwatch - Summer Games

Only wins from Quickplay, Competitive Play and Arcade game modes will count so if you planned to cheese the victories with a custom match, you're out of luck.

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