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Overwatch's new support hero Baptiste lands on Public Test Realm

Published: 20:55, 26 February 2019
Overwatch's support hero added in February 2019 called Baptiste
Overwatch, Baptiste

Blizzard don't seem to be interested in prolonging the introduction of Overwatch's new support hero Baptiste as their trailer was quickly followed up by his debut on the Public Test Realm. So, what sort of hero are we looking at here?

Much like Ana, Baptiste wields a biotic weapon except in his case it's a launcher. Left click shoots a three-bullet burst, while the right-click lobs a projectile that heals allies near the point of impact.

The Biotic Launcher packs 45 bullets and 10 healing projectiles in a mag, or a drum to be exact, with some pretty fast loading times allowing for loads of healing before needing to reload.

When activated Baptiste's Regenerative Burst heals him and surrounding allies over time, which combined with the Biotic Launcher projectiles significantly increases his healing capabilities.

This former Talon operative boasts the Immortality Field, which prevents allies from dropping below 20 per cent health when activated, although it's clearly visible and can be destroyed. 

Baptiste's passive ability, Exo Boots, grants Overwatch's new hero some verticality, as crouching lets him charge up his jump and reach spots that would otherwise be inaccessible.

His ultimate is called the Amplification Matrix, which basically has Baptiste creating a screen that doubles the value of all projectiles passing through it, be they damage or health-related.

The Amplification Matrix is just large enough to cover the two friendly bots in the training area, although they'd have to shoot straight ahead, while the height stretches to the ceiling.

Overwatch's latest Public Test Realm update packs a whole lot more though, removing the possibility of armour mitigating damage over time, reducing beam-type damage when hitting armour, applying damage boost when firing projectiles and making knockbacks a bit more consistent.

Blizzard Overwatch's support hero added in February 2019 - Baptiste Overwatch, Baptiste

Along with Baptiste comes a slight nerf to Ana, whose Nano Boost healing power has been reduced from 300 to 250, as the team decided "it needs to be slightly less effective for refilling large health pools."

Just about every Overwatch hero on the roster has received a tweak or two, all of which you can find in the official patch notes .

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