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Overwatch update adds Busan, nerfs Brigitte, buffs Reinhardt

Published: 11:17, 12 September 2018
Brigitte Lindholm telling Reinhardt not to answer Overwatch's call

Other than adding the new map, Busan, to the live servers, Blizzard's latest Overwatch update will also be introducing some balancing changes and I'm confident many a player will breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's Brigitte nerfing time.

In before someone accuses me of being salty, Blizzard acknowledged Brigitte's shield bashing superiority as well. The ability outright ignored charging-friendly characters like Doomfist and Reinhardt, enabling a quick clutch stun, which was infuriating to play against. And that's on a good day.

As of now, pulling Brigitte's shield bash while being charged will knock both characters out, like it should. I'm not really sure whether Brigitte mains will like this but it's only fair to show them how they stack up once you level Overwatch's proverbial playing field.

Reinhardt has received some love as well, with a completely overhauled earth shatter skill. The patch notes claim he'll consistently hit enemies near walls and the shockwave will no longer retroactively inflict damage to whomever walks into the shatter's cone of fire afer the wave has passed. It also "travels up inclines and around the payload", although damaging enemies through barriers has been addressed.

Blizzard have tweaked Widowmaker's grappling hook to retain momentum when grappling to structures without ledges, which is actually much more useful than it sounds. In fact, playing against skilful Widows has just gotten harder. Both her and Ana have had the precision of 'relative aim sensitivity while zoomed' slider tweaked as well.

Busan has completed its initial testing on the Test Realm servers and although there will be more details to polish, Overwatch's team thought it's time for live servers. Speaking of maps, Rialto's payload travel speed has been boosted slightly, while its checkpoint breaks have been reduced.

Blizzard Brigitte Lindholm watching Reinhardt go answer Overwatch's call Overwatch

As usual, there's a bunch of other tweaks and bug fixes as well as some details on the making of Busan. They're actually quite a nice read, suggesting that Blizzard's creativity hasn't died - it's just sleeping. You can find Overwatch's latest patch notes .


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