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Twitch giving away items to Overwatch League viewers but charging for Twitch emotes

Published: 14:39, 22 February 2018
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Overwatch League

Twitch's reward system will start giving away League Tokens to viewers who tune in to Overwatch League's Stage 2. The tokens can be used to purchase in-game skins. Additional skins and Twitch emotes are available in exchange for Bits.

Overwatch League's inaugural season is underway and . In honour of their first season, Overwatch now has team based skins available for all heroes. Previously, these skins could only be acquired by paying real world money for in-game League Tokens that would then be exchanged for the desired skin.

Before the League kicked off, the folks at   said there will be some kind of rewards for the viewers, but the system didn't go live during Overwatch League's Stage 1. The system was recently announced and the rewards will come in the form of League Tokens.

Blizzard Fusion team members celebrating a win Overwatch League - Fusion

Other kinds of loot will be available, but those come with a price tag. Twitch has its own form of currency called the Bit and anyone interested can obtain it by handing over some real-life cash. The Bits are used to Cheer the teams on and using them will unlock in-game rewards and Twitch emotes. The in-game rewards are Overwatch League skins that haven't gone live yet.

To collect League Tokens for Overwatch, you'll have to link your Blizzard and Twitch accounts. After you've done that, one League Token will be awarded to you "at the end of every live map finish". Some lucky viewers will "get 100 tokens per match for every final map they watch", added the announcement. 

It just so happens that 100 tokes gets you exactly one Overwatch League team skin in the game. For now, this reward system is available only in some countries, a list of which can be found on Twitch.

Blizzard Overwatch League emotes available on Twitch Overwatch League - Twitch emotes

If you decide to spend money on these Bits, you'll be given a chance to unlock some new in-game skins as well as hero emotes you can use in the Twitch chat. Something called a VIP Pass is also in the works. According to the post on Twitch, the passes will let you "unlock even more in-game items, behind-the-scenes video content on Twitch, and tons of other perks which we’ll reveal soon".

At the moment, you’ll need to spend at least 150 Bits (around £1.51) to earn a single team’s Twitch emote. As for the Hero emotes, every 100 Bits cheered unlocks a random Hero emote. You can collect everything if you're willing to spend 2,600 Bits, or roughly £26.00.

The League Tokens will expire on 31 December 2018. Read over on Twitch.

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