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Overwatch League partners up with Twitch in an exclusive 2-year deal

Published: 13:51, 10 January 2018
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Overwatch League

Overwatch League and Twitch announced a two year partnership deal. The League's first season will run until June. Playoffs and finals are scheduled for July. In-game skins themed around each team available.

Overwatch League and Twitch have recently announced an esports media-rights partnership. The partnership will ensure that all your Overwatch spectaor cravings are satiated in one place. Provided you have such cravings.

The first match of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season goes live on Twitch this Wednesday, 10 January.

Blizzard Overwatch League stage Overwatch League

The OWL and Twitch partnership is a two-year deal and will cover the entirety of the league’s first two seasons. Because maths. As a result, Twitch will be the exclusive third-party digital provider for Overwatch League regular-season, playoffs, and championship matches, with streams in English, Korean, and French. Fans from all over the world, excluding China, will be able to tune in. Because China plays by its own rules.

There is talk of some kind of rewards for loyal viewers but I'll let you find out what's that all about on your own. It's probably loot boxes. Or dicsounted loot boxes. It will have something to do with loot boxes. Some "Overwatch League Cheermotes" will also be available. Joy.

Armin Zerza, COO of Blizzard Entertainment said: "Our fans love to engage with content on Twitch, and we wanted to drive significant viewership of the Overwatch League in its inaugural season and beyond". He got that from the

Blizzard Overwatch League audience Overwatch League

Overwatch League's first season will run until June. Playoffs and finals are scheduled for July. All games that'll be played during the first season will take place at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, in Burbank, California. Matches will be played each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

A new app that has been unveiled at BlizzCon should enable the fans to follow their favourite team in real time, check scores, and keep up with everything that's going on on the field. The app can be found on and on .

In-game skins themed around each team can be purchased via the game's new Overwatch League tab in the main menu. These will set you back 100 Overwatch League tokens each. The first batch of tokens will be given away for free to players who log into the game until 09 February. A special token pack of 2600 will get you a team’s skin for your entire current roster of heroes. The pack will cost you £73.10 ($99.00). 

Blizzard Overwatch League Overwatch League

A full schedule of the Overwatch League's first season and information about ticket sales can be found at , and all matches can be viewed live at .

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