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Overwatch League's opening week drew in more than 10 million viewers

Published: 12:20, 18 January 2018
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Overwatch League

Overwatch League has kicked off and north of 10 million people watched. The league's first season will have matches each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Playoffs and finals are scheduled for July.

More than 10 million viewers tuned in to watch The Overwatch League during its first four days on-air. All 12 teams got their time in the spotlight, and drew in an average of 408,000 pairs of eyeballs per minute during the opening day. That number fell to an average of 280,000 for the week. 

The viewers got their fix via Twitch, MLG, and Chinese streaming partners ZhanQi TV, NetEase CC, and Panda TV. 

Blizzard Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons logo and Mei Overwatch League - Shanghai Dragons

“We’re thrilled by the overwhelming response to the Overwatch League’s opening week of play,” said Pete Vlastelica, president and CEO of Major League Gaming (MLG).

“We had high expectations for the inaugural broadcast of the Overwatch League on Twitch, given our platform’s passionate fanbase for Overwatch," said Kevin Lin, COO of Twitch. The Overwatch League has recently signed an esports media-rights  with Twitch.

The partnership provided a one stop shop for the OWL fans from all over the world. The deal did exclude China, but they seem to have things under control. 

Blizzard Overwatch League Boston Uprising logo and Soldier 76 Overwatch League - Boston Uprising

The Overwatch League's first season will run until June. Playoffs and finals are scheduled to happen in July. During the first season, all regular-season games will take place at the new Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, and the matches will be played each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Interested fans can tune in via  , the MLG and app (on and ), as well as the Overwatch League website and their new app, that launched last week for and . The Blizzard desktop app also has a new Overwatch League tab you can use to get access to the Overwatch League. That was a lot of links. One more.

A full schedule and information about ticket sales can be found at the Overwatch League .

Overwatch League 2018

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Overwatch League 2018

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