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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 event - our predictions

Published: 16:12, 03 October 2020
Updated: 06:39, 04 October 2020
Mercy from Overwatch in her Halloween costume

Overwatch's Halloween extravaganza is just around the corner. The spooky event will surely be announced very soon, but until then, you can enjoy our very own predictions.

Halloween is coming up really soon and with it, the Halloween Terror event in Overwatch. If the past Overwatch events are anything to go by, the Halloween celebration will go on for three weeks. Each week will have its own challenge that grants a free skin to a certain hero after nine wins.

Overwatch's Halloween Terror event will presumably kick off on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, and go on until November 3, 2020.

Last year's Halloween event weekly challenges brought us sprays, icons, and spooky skins for Junkrat (Inferno), Baptiste (Vampire), and Sombra (Demon Hunter). The highlight of the event was Sombra's Demon Hunter skin - a fan favourite.

The 2019 Halloween event also introduced the inspired Will-O'-Wisp skin for Tracer and the "Scream Queen" highlight intro starring Ashe and her loyal butler B.O.B. 

Overwatch Halloween Terror Skins

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - Scorpion Widowmaker

Our predicted candidates for weekly challenges include:

  • Moira
  • Sigma 
  • Echo

Now, bear in mind that the folks at Blizzard haven't shared any information about the upcoming event just yet. That said, we'd like to see Moira as an amalgamation of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde.

Sigma's skin should be a pretty obvious Flying Dutchman-themed affair, seeing how Dr Siebren de Kuiper is both. 

For the latest addition to Overwatch's roster, Echo, we're thinking - bats. 

Reinhardt and D.Va will probably be left out of the loop for the event as their new All-Stars skins: Atlantic Reinhardt and Pacific D.Va are currently available in-game.

Brigitte, Genji and Winston could also be looking at some fresh new threads. On top of the usual stars of the show - the skins, we will also be treated to some new sprays, player icons, emotes and highlight intros.

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