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Overwatch: Archives event has begun worldwide on live servers

Published: 20:22, 10 April 2018
Blizzard Entertainment
Retribution event in-game menu
Overwatch Archives - The Retribution event

Blizzard's shooter is sporting some new features currently. The update went live today, and is available on all servers and platforms. With it comes a new PvE arcade game mode as well as plenty of cosmetic items for most of the hero roster.

The event is now officially live on all servers and platforms after a few weeks of Blizzard's teasing. With the event comes a new game mode called Retribution which will have players take on the mantles of Reaper, McCree, Moira and Genji as they try to escape Talon's grasp in Venice after a failed mission.

Archives was developed as a response to players wanting to learn more about the lore and story of the game which happened before the events of current day Overwatch. The developers have streamlined and pushed the event as fast as possible in order to appease the masses wishing to know more.

Blizzard Entertainment Talon Operatives in Overwatch Overwatch Archives - Talon operatives

It brings with itself the previous annual event Uprising in addition to Retribution, and by combining those two as well as future events regarding Overwatch's past into the Archives folder. Past cosmetics for Uprising are making a return and there is a slew of new ones coming with Retribution.

These include eight legendary skins which will be priced at 3000 in-game credits, and 60 other new cosmetics including sprays, highlight intros and emotes. Many skins will be revealing the characters' lores through simple deduction. For instance, the new Reaper skin is called Soldier: 24, which alludes to the fact that he was part of the super soldier program along with Overwatch's leader, Soldier: 76.

Blizzard Entertainment Reaper Soldier: 24 skin Overwatch Archives - Reaper Soldier: 24 skin

The update in total weighs around 15-21GB for reasons as yet unknown. Previous events were between one and three gigabytes, so it is unclear why the current update takes up almost as much as the entire game. Blizzard could have accidentally made players re-download the entire game or are adding something colossal in secret.

Overwatch has become a behemoth of a game in terms of playerbase and worldwide renown. It currently sits as Blizzard's second cash cow, as opposed to World of Warcraft which is the mother of all cash cows.

Overwatch Archives

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch Archives is Overwatch's annual event

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