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Overwatch getting new event based on last year's Uprising

Published: 17:11, 30 March 2018

Blizzard has slowly teased it, but it's almost here folks. The Uprising event from last year will be rejoining us, but with a twist and new features. Nothing is confirmed yet, as they do not release trailers until a few days from release.

Despite not knowing exactly what we're getting in the newest Overwatch update, we do know when we are getting it. Blizzard has released data via Twitter showing the release date of the event will be 10 April 2018. This marks the second time the Uprising event will be live.

The event was known to the fans even a long time ago, as Blizzard do their events annually. What we did learn yesterday is a little more information about the features. 

As reddit users have noticed, the flickering video Blizzard has released on Twitter shows a few interesting details pertaining the event. The Blackwatch logo appears behind the announcement text at about 6 seconds. The triangle logo in the bottom left replaced the Overwatch logo from last year. The little flicker which is present in the video changes "Confidential" to "Classified" and 7 years ago changes into 8 years ago.

Blizzard Entertainment Announcement of overwatch's event with various related images in the background Overwatch - Archives Event declassification on 10 April

It appears players will be going back into the past even before the events which took place in the past Uprising event. The name of the event is probably getting changed to Archives as we have learned from  theory on the public test realm, where the picture shows that the cosmetic item is available in Archives loot boxes.

Whatever the case may be, Overwatch is getting an event with plenty of cosmetics and quite surely a new PvE Arcade mode, as the previous one featured four players completing objectives on a modified King's Row map and fighting oncoming waves of omnics.

Blizzard Entertainment Torbjorn, Mercy, Tracer and Reinhardt standing together Overwatch - Last year's Uprising event

Fans of the game take the game's lore very seriously, and every little leak or datamine gets their utmost attention. No surprise with this event either, as players are currently still trying to take apart everything to see how it works in hopes of finding something new about the event out before it releases.


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