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Overwatch's new April event gets a name and some details from the team

Published: 13:47, 03 April 2018
Blizzard Entertainment
Torbjorn, Mercy, Tracer and Reinhardt standing together
Overwatch - Last year's Uprising event

Overwatch's game director and lead engineer provide further information about the upcoming event Archives with their new Developer Update video which released yesterday. More and more lootboxes, because Blizzard apparently gets a free pass.

Blizzard's Team 4, which developed Overwatch, have kept updating the game every season with a new event. This year round, they are re-introducing a previous event called Uprising as well as adding new features and essentially merging another event with it, naming the entire April event Archives. The lead developer Jeff Kaplan and lead engineer Tim Ford talk about the new features in the developer update video.

Blizzard Overwatch - Uprising Overwatch - Uprising

First thing's first, they will be reintroducing the PvE Arcade Mode Uprising, which will let players take one of four characters, or an All Heroes mode which will let players choose any of the characters from the roster of 27 heroes.

The second thing the two developers mentioned was the introduction of new skins for a lot of heroes, with a special mention for "players' favourite Shimada brother".  

Blizzard Hanzo as Casual Hanzo for Winter Wonderland 2017 Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 - Casual Hanzo

The reason the event is called Archives is because the team wants to tell the story of what happened before the events of current day Overwatch, so they have a lot of moments and missions they want to talk about and convey to the players who have expressed wishes to hear more about the story of Overwatch's founding.

The loot boxes will contain new skins and cosmetic items, as well as last year's Uprising content. Players can expect the prices for the old cosmetics to drop, while the prices for the new ones will be higher as per usual.

Blizzard The standard loot box in Overwatch Overwatch - Loot Box

Hopefully the team will start looking more into the past of heroes like they did with Reinhardt, Soldier 76 and Bastion. They did mention to be on the lookout for more content being slowly leaked by Blizzard, with a video being shown on 04 April 2018 for the Overwatch League's broadcast stream.

Overwatch: Archives is hitting live servers on 10 April, so expect further coverage of the event.

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