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Overwatch 2 to nerf Mercy and Symmetra, gets fans desperate

Published: 00:01, 30 June 2022
Overwatch - Symmetra
Overwatch - Symmetra

Blizzard is already in hot water with fans believing they are out of touch and the latest planned changes for Mercy and Symmetra seem to reinforce that opinion.

Overwatch 2 is already on the rocky ground even before release, with longtime fans worried about various aspects of the supposed sequel. Sometimes it's worrying about a low number of new heroes after a long hiatus, other times monetisation changes and now it's about balance that just seems weird.

Mercy received some quality of life nerfs. For example, dashing to an ally could be followed up by a selection of inputs to launch Mercy into the air or simply remain at their side. With the new changes, she is always launched upon reaching the ally, which is an extremely inconvenient way of implementing the super jump into her official kit.

Symmetra, however, fared much worse. While her weapon now holds 100 instead of 70 ammo, it doesn't regenerate any from hitting barriers. Her secondary fire will move twice as fast but will deal less damage, resulting in three-hit kills for heroes instead with more than 180 HP instead of two-hit kills for anyone under 250 HP at max charge.

Turret flight is slower which probably won't be too much of an inconvenience but the slowdown has been reduced by five per cent, per turret. This means three turrets hitting the same target will slow it down for 45 per cent instead of 60.

Blizzard Picture of Mercy in Overwatch Mercy is flying like there is no tomorrow


Teleporter is close to useless to teams who are not actively coordinated via voice comms now as it lasts only 10 seconds, has a longer cooldown and less HP. Essentially, it won't be worth killing the teleporter for the enemies either as it will go out soon on its own.

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