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Overview of Valorant's Araxys skinline trailer

Published: 15:31, 10 January 2023
There is something so scary about these guys
There is something so scary about these guys

Riot takes every chance they can to show off how good they are at making reveal trailers and cinematics. Episode 6 is as good as out and Lotus might have to fight for the community's attention after the Araxys skin line reveal trailer

Araxys is one of the cleanest skin line that Riot has made in a while. In fact, this is one of the few skin lines to have its own reveal trailer, ranking it up with the Reaver, Ion and many other fan favourites. 

This skin line does not really match Valorant 's colourful and upbeat theme, but instead kind of goes in the completely opposite direction by showing a destroyed world through the eyes of a prisoner.

The video starts off with the prisoner showing the viewers his bound hands. The unknown man then looks up to see the world in complete shambles and a guard looking over him. This is where we get the first glance at the new skin line. 

The guard can be seen holding the Araxys Bulldog in his hands and then striking the prisoner with the stock of the weapon.

Riot Such a sleek design Such a sleek design

Once the prisoner has regathered himself, he looks up once again and sees four capsulie like aircrafts landing. Shortly after that, he gets executed by one of the robots that walks out. 

The prisoners soul gets sucked out of his body and seems to be transformed into whatever it is that charges the guns.

Overall, the skin line is absolutely insane and now it has gained a lot of character with the trailer revealing a tiny bit of the skins' backstory.

While we are not sure what (or who) these robots are, we would love to see them fighting the Valorant Protocol in future lore videos.


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