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Outriders players killed the Captain 32 million times to get Legendaries

Published: 18:31, 13 March 2021
People Can Fly

Outriders demo has won many hearts over and the amount of farming people put into the game only serves to prove that point.

People Can Fly released an infographic about the Outriders demo, celebrating over two million players who joined the party. The developers previously stated that they were surprised so many would jump in and it's certainly nice to see interest in a looter shooter that doesn't take your content away.

It is probably this point, on top of the highly engaging action RPG type of gameplay loop, that drove players to farm Legendary weapons which are the equivalent of Exotics in Destiny and The Division series.

The players, either farming or just playing through the demo, have killed a total of 638,000,000 enemies so far. Meanwhile, the poor Captain that was the main target of all those Legendary farmers was killed 31.8 million times alone.

This amounts to almost five per cent of all the kills in Outriders so far. In other words, for every 20 kills, there was one Captain that bit the dust.

Granted, not every player that tried the demo farmed the Captain but going under the hypothetical assumption that they did, it would mean each player killed the Captain 15.9 times on average.

People Can Fly Outriders - Migraine was the first Legendary drop during this farming session Farming Legendaries in Outriders is worth it, even if it means getting this mess of a ribcage that poses as a gun. It's effective though.

One would normally wonder why people are farming Legendary weapons that are low level in a game that is going to come out in a few weeks. The answer to this is twofold:

  1. Even when you dismantle these weapons, you gain access to their mods and you can use them when upgrading other Legendaries in the future
  2. Doing this 30-second farm loop was actually fun

It's this second point more games should adopt, instead of merely forcing players to farm gear that may or may not be taken away in the future.

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