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Outriders demo patch adds motion blur toggle

Published: 15:15, 13 March 2021
People Can Fly

People Can Fly updated Outriders demo with several quality of life improvements, including the option to turn off motion blur.

Motion blur is easily one of the top two issues players had with Outriders demo, the other one being the shaky cam during cutscenes. People Can Fly are still in the process of fixing the latter but they deployed a patch that lets us do away with motion blur.

When you go to options and then the Display tab, you should see Motion Blur at the bottom of the list. Just switch to off and you will see the improvement the next time you start sprinting as the world will remain clear and not look like you suddenly went through a keg of beer.

Keep in mind that the option is in the Display tab, not the "Display (Advanced)" one - you will not see it in the latter. Additionally, the patch notes don't mention this option being added to Xbox devices but PS4, PS5 and PC should be fine.

Besides the issues with motion blur, this patch also addressed the infinite matchmaking time and players should be able to group up with randoms more easily now. 

Meanwhile, PC players had subtitle issues after poor Mr Chang bites the big one and the patch also fixed this issue.

Now when we attempt to deliver the punchline, Eva will interrupt us in a timely manner.

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