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EA added other publishers' games to Origin Access lineup

Published: 17:13, 13 July 2018
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Origin Access

EA have announced that they are adding eight new games to Origin Access service's game roster, on top over 100 previously available games. This is also the second batch that included games developed and published outside EA's network.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is probably the most well known game from the new additions to Origin Access' roster. It will be joined by Cities: Skylines, RiME, Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, Mad Games Tycoon, Jotun Valhalla Edition, Ghost 1.0 and Crashlands.

These additions are exclusive to the PC version of Origin Access, but Xbox One users won't leave empty handed, as EA Access now features The Sims 4. It's a solitary addition but an addition nonetheless. 

Technically, some of these games are fairly unknown indie titles but there are evidently games that are widely known in the new roster. PS Plus uses a similar model for their subscription service, but Origin Access costs only a half of PS Plus. 

This should already be a red flag for Sony but EA seem to be hell bent on knocking Sony around as they have already announced Origin Access Premier that will cost $14,99 a month and will offer full access to any new EA titles. The regular Origin Access will be incorporated into this service for good measure.

Therefore, players will not even need to buy Anthem, Battlefield V, FIFA 19 or the new Madden in order to play them, on top of getting access to new releases before everyone else. They can literally just rent the games and cancel subscription after getting fed up with them. In short, EA are well on their way to introduce the Netflix of video games.

THQ Nordic Samael is yelling at War who is unmoved by the foul breath Darksiders Warmastered Edition

There is no doubt that other companies will copy this model if it proves to be successful for EA, and potentially make the entertainment cheaper for PC users. This would pose further problems for Sony, as the price discrepancy between owning a PC and a console would shrink further, meaning PS and Xbox could eventually lose their "cheaper than PC" selling point.

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