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Old School RuneScape gets Group Ironman mode for the ultimate challenge

Published: 02:05, 07 October 2021
Old School RuneScape - Group Ironman
Old School RuneScape - Group Ironman

Jagex updated the Old School RuneScape with a pretty challenging take on the game as groups will be able to challenge their wits and will at the same time.

Going Ironman in video games is usually the equivalent of permadeath - if your character bites the dust, it's over for them. The term is often used even in games that don't feature such a mode as players delete their characters upon dying. Due to the gruelling nature of spending dozens of hours only to delete the character and start over usually means these runs are done solo but that rule is not going to apply to Old School RuneScape .

OSRS already had an Ironman mode that locked players out of social features like trading because God forbid someone managed to get off easier by buying something. On the other hand, you would have to specifically go for Hardcore Ironman in order to have just one life. 

This true challenge of legends requires players to be entirely self-sufficient but now it's getting a twist where an entire team has to pull their weight and become the ultimate fighting force. It's not as lonely as the regular Ironman since team members are able to trade resources, use the same equipment storage and visit each other houses. Still, they are unable to interact with players outside the team in such a way.

Group Ironman is probably the most anticipated game mode in OSRS in recent history since it had a massive voting pull with a pile of players lining up in front of proverbial ballots to make it a reality. 

The poll had over 140,000 players in total, with 80 per cent voting in favour of Group Ironman. This amount of votes handily beat the requirement of 75 per cent that was needed for a pass.

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