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Old School Runescape tops charts with a million iOS downloads

Published: 08:03, 08 November 2018
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Old School Runescape has debuted as the most downloaded game on the App Store, hitting the one million mark in eight countries since its full release last week, Jagex confirmed. The game also reached the top 10 in 15 countries overall.

Jagex's beloved MMO Old School Runescape has become the most downloaded app in several countries in the first 24h of the release. Breaking 1 million downloads on App Store, the game topped charts in Canada, United States, Australia, Netherlands and "key" Nordic countries while making the top ten list in 15 counties overall. With these numbers, Old School Runescape's playerbase will rise to over 2 millions with more than 1 million players already playing the game since the subscribers only beta release. These are also the highest average daily user numbers since the PC launch in February 2013.

The launch shows the development team Jagex have hit the nail with the decision to create a full port for the mobile platform with implemented cross-platform support, which could continue the growth of the franchise over the upcoming years. Runescape has already brought in almost a billion dollars since its release 17 years ago.

According to Jagex CEO, Phil Mansell, the mobile release is a huge milestone for the team and was something they planned for a long time. "Making our living games available to more players on more devices was a priority for us as we set out the third age of Jagex," Mansell said, adding that many of old school players now probably have limited time to enjoy the game so they wanted to make the grind possible on the go.

"Over the years, our players have grown up and some, who were PC players, now have alternative format preferences that fit their changed lifestyles," Mansell explained. forum picture showing a charachter in old school runescape surrounded by rock formations Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape has been released as a free to play title but there's also a version for subscribers that costs £8.65 a month and brings some extra stuff like a bigger map, more quests, skills and additional bank account slots.


Old School Runescape: The iconic MMORPG by Jagex.

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