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Obsidian's next AAA, Skyrim-like RPG to be announced at Xbox event this month

Published: 12:38, 06 July 2020
Updated: 15:25, 06 July 2020
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Obsidian Entertainment's large, AAA project, which is apparently similar to Skyrim could finally see the light of the day at the upcoming Xbox show later this month.

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox show, which should happen later this month, will be jam-packed with mic drops and spectacular reveals according to reliable insiders.

Apparently, the company are looking to end "Xbox has no games" narrative with their next-gen lineup of games. That's why Microsoft have acquired several major studios to work on various new titles, which include reboots but also some brand new IP.

One of these new franchises could be Obsidian Entertainment's AAA RPG project, which has been in the works for quite some time now.

This secret game has been described as an open-world Skyrim-like title with Obsidian's fantastic storytelling and writing. Apparently, around 100 developers are currently working on the project.

Reliable Xbox insider named Klobrille recently teased some of the games that will be showcased at the event and Obsidian's RPG is one of them. Here is it in full:

"I still remember how much I smiled, the last time I saw Everwild. You go to bed and dream about J. Lo, I have dreams as well — playing Halo. Obsidian is a confirmed go as well, oh I love that fresh RPG smell," Klobrille wrote.

At the time of writing, Microsoft are yet to confirm if Obsidian's new game will appear on the upcoming show but Klobrille is a reliable source for Xbox-related content and this is somewhat expected since Xbox event is a perfect place for Obsidian's next game reveal.

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